Major Leagues '09


Major Leagues '09: University of Minnesota Graphic Design Senior Show. Major Leagues '09: University of Minnesota Graphic Design Fall Senior Show is the website for my graduating class. We chose the theme "major leagues" to show that we are ready for the world. The website uses designed elements from other members of the planning committee and is coded using HTML and CSS.

Fixed Gear Bicycle Co-op: Concept Store

Naming, Campaign, Identity, Collatoral, Interactive, Concept

Fixed Gear Bicycle Co-op website. Fixed Gear Bicycle Co-op business system. Fixed Gear is the (concept) bike store and repair shop for urban cyclists. Find and trade parts, talk shop, buy accessories, show your scars, and fix your ride. Fixed Gear is a regular parts and accessories store up front with a repair garage in back. We offer the tools and supplies you need to repair and modify your bike. If you're tight on time, we can work on your bike too. Best of all, Fixed Gear will accept your spare parts to share or trade with other cyclists. (I developed the identity, slogan, ads, direct mail, and a website.)

MinneWebCon: Conference

Campaign, Identity, Collatoral, Interactive, Event Planning

MinneWebCon poster, program, website and branded elements. MinneWebCon logo. MinneWebCon is an annual full-day, three-track, continuing education conference for web professionals organized by a small group of University of Minnesota staff. Eric Meyer and Amy Kristin Sanders keynoted the 2008 conference (MinneWebCon's first year). This year, Bruce Schneier and Doc Searls presented. We have just announced Kristina Halvorson will be one of our keynotes for 2010. I designed the logo and color system and continue to work on the website, program, name tags, posters, etc.

Visual Coffee: Minnesota Company Desktop Wallpapers

Naming, Artsy Side Project, Interactive, Wallpaper

Visual Coffee wallpaper samples.
I shop at local companies and co-ops when I can, and I've grown quite attached to a few. I made wallpapers for some on a project site called Visual Coffee. The left column shows wallpapers created for the Fixed Gear Bike Co-op (me), the middle features Surly Brewing Company (Bidwell), and The Hub Bike Co-op wallpapers are on the right. Wallpapers are available in many sizes, so please continue on to Visual Coffee to download the right size for your computer.

[Update: Surly has an iPhone app: Get Surly!.]

BlueMoo Flavored Milk

Naming, Identity, Packaging

BlueMoo Packaging. BlueMoo flavored milk was an idea for older children to have an beverage that was packaged in a grown-up manner, tasted great, yet provided more nutrients than other flavored beverage options. I developed the identity and and packaging for this project.

Featured on Pixel Clouds and Fuck Yeah, Packaging.

Poetique Website

Naming, Identity, Collatoral, Interactive, Packaging

Website and examples of Packaging for In the online creative community, there is something missing. There is a growing need for sharing and collaboration. These are popular phenomena that are working their way into an older market. It's no longer teens and twenty-somethings using the web for social needs, adults in their forties and fifties use it as well because the web is not so foreign to those in this age group. Many have a Facebook profile, share photography on Flickr, have posted poems on for others to read. Web-savvy creators use to display written and visual work. Only a few have their own website dedicated to their craft. Since writers—poets in particular—have few options for other people's ideas online. will provide a place for poets to share, comment, and collaborate on written works. is the place to read, create, and collaborate on poetry.

National Student Advertising Competition: Coca-Cola (First Place)

Campaign, Identity, Advertising, Publication Design, Collatoral, Interactive, Packaging, Copy Writing

2007 NSAC for Coca-Cola summary board. Chariot has developed “Together,” a campaign that adapts the Coca–Cola image and integrates the brand into the lives of Millennials. This generation is unique in the way they use media, communicate and socialize. By adapting our communications architecture, we will position Coca–Cola as an essential part of Millennials' social experiences.

We addressed key challenges and opportunities to meet Coca–Cola's brand health and consumption objectives. We focused on three primary segments that represent our greatest opportunity to reach these objectives—the Sparkling Socialites, the Connected Caffeinators and the Busy Buddies. Chariot will implement a dynamic, integrated communications plan to engage these segments.

Our research revealed Millennials value social connection and shared experiences above all else. We developed a strategy to capitalize on this insight: Coke is an uplifting part of your favorite shared experiences. This allows “Together” to preserve the established Coca–Cola personality while amplifying relevance among Millennials.

The combined efforts of our campaign create an integrated brand experience that provides social value. Our points of connection establish an uplifting brand relationship between Millennials and Coca–Cola. Through this relationship, Coca–Cola will become relevant and evolve from an accepted brand to an insisted brand.
(Excerpt from the plans book).

I served on the design team. The example above outlines parts of the campaign that I had the greatest impact in planning. In 2007, the University of Minnesota NSAC team earned first place in the national competition.

National Student Advertising Competition: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Campaign, Identity, Advertising, Publication Design, Collatoral, Interactive, Packaging, Copy Writing

2008 NSAC for AIM summary board. We have developed a phased approach to drive increased usage of AIM instant messaging, social media products, and to fuse them together online and within the minds of Digital Natives. For August 2008–August 2009, a two-phase approach is recommended.

The first phase is the Re-Engage Stage. It is designed to energize AIM products and the brand image while re-introducing Digital Natives to the relevancy and sharing capabilities that AIM provides. The communication plan for this phase places AIM in a position to not only continue its instant messaging leadership, but also to emerge as a leader in online social media.

The second phase of Chariot's solution is called the Continuous Conversion Stage. In this stage, we continually add news value and relevance to the AIM product suite. This is an ongoing process; a series of improvements that allow us to continually convert Digital Natives into loyal AIM users. In the first year, we propose a major new product introduction designed to build AIM brand leadership in the valuable social media arena.
(Excerpt from the plans book).

I served as the design team lead while creating most of the interactive products. The example above outlines parts of the campaign that I had the greatest impact in planning.

Personal Leave-Behind

Identity, Packaging

Leave-behind. I created a leave-behind a couple years ago to serve as a mini-portfolio of my design and photography as well as a mini-resume and a tear out business card. I used unbleached recycled kraft paper for the base material and strategically organized the pages to get the most out of each printed page before trimming.

Design, Housing, and Apparel Promotional Piece

Copy Writing, Packaging

Promotional piece for the Design, Housing, and Apparel undergraduate program. This class project features what the University of Minnesota's graphic design program has to offer. Designed by a small group of students, this booklet gave helpful advice to prospective and first-year students on academic and non-academic topics. We also included a list of things to avoid as a designer such as using Comic Sans or yellow text on a white background.

Teal Cup Coffee Shop

Naming, Identity, Collatoral, Interactive, Packaging

Examples of Packaging for Teal Cup Coffee Shop. The Teal Cup philosophy is aimed at being the most sustainable coffee shop in its area without resorting to high prices. This means reducing what they throw away, using sustainable materials, and sorting what they do throw away. I designed the packaging to use vegetable based non-VOC (non-volatile organic compounds) inks and glues with limited coverage. The are made of a corrugated material to reduce the need for a sleeve or second cup as well as creating insulation. The cups also use a corn-based lining that allows the cups to be recycled.

Redesigned National Geographic & Photo manipulation

Identity, Photo manipulation, Case Study

Redesigned National Geographic cover with a photomanipulated feature. This redesigned cover for National Geographic began as a project to manipulate a photo, but I wanted to give the image a greater appearance of legitimacy. It also gave me a chance to be a little silly.



Logo samples. Most of these logos are from other projects listed in my portfolio. If you have questions about any of the other ones, please email me at



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